Meet The Team

Michelle | Office Manager – Treatment Coordinator

Hello! I am the Office Manager/Treatment Coordinator of this wonderful practice. I have worked in dental offices for more years than I care to admit and orthodontics is my favorite by far! We get to work in a fun environment watching amazing smiles develop and getting to know our patients. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 daughters. I love spending time with my family and friends, reading, camping, and traveling every chance I get.

What makes you interesting?

Pets: 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 rabbits, 1 goat, 3 ducks, and lots of chickens. We love our funny farm!

Favorite book: You mean I have to pick one? Impossible!

fears: Snakes!! I’ll take spiders any day over those slithering creatures.

Favorite era: 80’s to the max, like totally!

Hannah | Sterilization Tech

I am a Sterilization Tech at Susanville Orthodontics. I am currently a Junior at Lassen High School. I was
born in Reno, Nevada. I am a big time San Francisco Giants fan. I enjoy going to the movies with my
friends. I also have a brother and a sister.

Interesting Questions:

Favorite Movie: Spider-Man (with Tobey McGuire)

Which of the Seven Dwarfs are you? I am Sleepy

Using one word, how would you describe your family? Interesting

What has been your favorite family vacation? Monterey, California

Megan | Registered Dental Assistant

I’m Megan, and I am a Registered Dental Assistant. I have been assisting in orthodontics for 6 years, and I absolutely love my job! I was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho, with 4 Siblings. In 2006 my husband and I married right after he joined the Air Force, and we got the opportunity to move to Okinawa, Japan for 3 years, which was an incredible experience. We moved back to the states in 2009 and made Susanville our permanent home. I have 2 sons, Teagan and Zeke, who keep my life interesting at all times. I love to run, kayak, and camp with my family.

What makes you interesting?

Favorite food: Mexican, my kids say I make it to much. But who could get sick of tacos?

Favorite author: David Sedaris. The man can make me laugh like no other.

Biggest pet peeve: Having to repeat myself. Ask my kids.

Dream Job: I’m doing it! The only way I could love it more is if I was on a beach.

Kimberly | Registered Dental Assistant

I am a Registered Dental Assistant, and have been in dentistry since 2008. I was born and raised in San Diego. I moved to Susanville in 2016. My husband and I have 2 busy boys. We love camping, sports, and motorcycles. I love to cook and bake everything.

What makes you interesting?

Fears: Deathly afraid of snakes.

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind ( I collect memorabilia ).

Favorite places to travels: Yosemite and Italy ( I spent 3 weeks in Italy going to museums, historical sites, and churches ).

Rachelle | Registered Dental Assistant

I have been a Registered Dental Assistant since 1982. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz County. I
moved to Susanville in 1994 and worked for the State of CA until I retired in 2016 and wanted to
continue in dentistry for fun.

Hobbies: I enjoy watching my grandchildren, camping, fishing, and boating.

Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids

Fears: Heights

Favorite Hangout: Ocean/Beach

Nickname: Shelley

Amy | Patient Specialist

I am the Patient Specialist at Susanville Orthodontics. I have 4+ years experience in the Dental/Medical field. I was born and raised in Missouri. I grew up on a farm in a very small town, yes smaller than Susanville. I am married with 2 daughters. We are avid SF Giants fans and love weekend getaways. I enjoy good music, get togethers with family and friends, and finding new recipes to share.

What makes you interesting?

The most unusual thing in your office: Me.

If you could have a superpower what would it be: Teleportation.

Are you a dog or cat person: Neither, I am a people person.

Favorite line from a favorite movie: “We are too close for missiles, I’m switching to guns”.